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Video marketing has given new meaning to the phrase “watch and learn”. It’s not just a basic notion of learning, rather a broader sense – learn to relax, be better, try new things, explore. In business, it allows viewers to learn about a company: its products, process, purpose, vision, and ideals. The value it can contribute is simply undeniable. Make the most of your video marketing with these ideas:

•   Feature your best-selling item

        Not much explanation is needed here. Your best-selling item (or items) best reflects who you are as a brand. It’s the item that appealed to your market the most. Therefore, it’s worth featuring for prospective clients to get a glimpse of what your shop is about.

•   Reintroduce a product that hasn’t been selling

        With a vast amount of products for sale on Etsy, it’s no surprise for some items to be unnoticed. Create product awareness through video. Remind the audience that of other things in store for them at your shop. It may spark a buzz that can turn into a sale.

•   Showcase new items

        Keep your customers up-to-date, and give potential buyers something to anticipate. Consistently creating new items is also good for getting found in Etsy search. Not to mention, to further sharpen your skills and instill you with the urge to explore.

•   Share how your items are made

        Knowing the work and level of skill put into your product makes it all the more special. Zoom in on intricate steps. Give them a tour of your workspace. Elaborate on the materials used. Add value to your product and to yourself as a craftsman/artist.

•   Make how-to videos

        This is all the rage. Learning is made easy with videos. Establish your authority and expertise by sharing your knowledge and skill. You may think that giving out such information will make you lose customers. It won’t. Let them give it a try. When they want top-quality work, they’ll turn to you. 

•   Put your product to work

        Help your audience envision your product in their lives. How can your product be used or displayed? Present its purpose or add to it. Channel a deeper level of connection with your audience – how a simple greeting card can change a situation; or how an art print can mean new beginnings. It’s really a journey of discovery for you and your audience.

•   Feature testimonials

        Nothing beats word-of-mouth. Don’t exhaust yourself with marketing and content when your clients can do it for you. Encourage reviews. See how your customers used your product and made a difference.

•   Run a contest

        Maintain that spark with contests. Give your audience something fun to do with a chance of winning a prize. It’s a way of showing them your heartfelt appreciation.

•   Hold a Q&A session

        Your buyers and followers might be pretty intrigued with your work. Engage with your audience by holding a Q&A session. Learn about each other and establish a solid relationship. You can go live or collect frequently asked questions and answer them through video.

•   Crowd source ideas

        Let your audience take part in the creative process. What other needs do they have that you can meet? Ask them for feedback and suggestions. This is an opportunity for you to expand your product line, find a new niche, solve a new problem, and of course, sell more.

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