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Bulk Order

Buy in bulk and get products that you like and need at prices you’ll love!
Bulk discounts are a great way to save money and improve profitability

Why buy in bulk?

Ultimate Solution for High-Volume Printing Needs

You can get your prints at a discount, and you’ll still be able to offer your customers the same high-quality products they’re used to. If you are driving significant order volumes, we’re more than happy to work on your target requirements.

  • Interior Designers, Hospitality Industry, and Office Spaces: Enhance the aesthetics of residential or commercial spaces with a wide selection of wall art prints.
  • Real Estate Developers and Event Planners: Transform properties and event venues into visually appealing spaces through bulk wall art prints.
  • Online Retailers: Expand your product offering and attract customers by curating a diverse range of wall art prints for home decor enthusiasts.
  • Nonprofit Organizations and Museums: Showcase and promote artistic expression by acquiring prints for exhibitions, displays, and fundraising events.
  • Artists and Photographers: Prepare for art fairs and exhibits, fulfill print orders efficiently, and enrich your business with a varied collection of wall art prints.
  • Influencers: Strengthen your personal brand, engage followers, and enhance content creation using wall art prints as merchandise, props, or promotional items.
  • Travel and Tourism Industry: Offer prints that serve as unique and attractive souvenirs or gifts for tourists, visitors, and locals alike
  • Print Shops: Streamline your operations and efficiently fulfill high-volume print orders by sourcing prints to meet the demands of your customers.

Bulk Order Discount

Quantity-Based Discount

Quantity Discount
25 8%
50 9%
100 10%
150 11%
200 13%
300 15%
500 18%
1,000 20%

Cost-Based Discount

Cost Discount
$500 5%
$1,000 8%
$2,000 10%
$5,000 12%
$7,500 13.5%
$10,000 15%

There are two types of discounts available: one based on the quantity of items you order and another based on the total cost of your order. The final discount given is the higher of these two discounts to ensure that you receive the most advantageous discount for your bulk order, maximizing your savings.

Please note that the quantity-based discount is applied per product type, meaning it will only apply to similar products and not the total quantity of mixed products.

Let’s take an example to understand how it works. Imagine you want to place an order for 50 canvas prints, and the total cost of the order is $1,000.

  • Order quantity: 50 canvas prints
  • Order cost: $1,000
  • Quantity-based discount (per product type): 9%
  • Cost-based discount: 8%
  • Final discount: 9%

Since the quantity-based discount of 9% is higher, you will be granted the quantity-based discount.

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