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Video is the most shared content on the web. Hyperfine Media even dubbed video marketing as king of content. There’s really no secret to the success of video marketing. Here’s how to get started:

•   Etsy’s Shop Videos

        Etsy has picked-up on the video trend and added Shop Videos to the platform. Not only does it allow you to upload videos, but also record them. You can do so even with your mobile phone. Update and open the Sell on Etsy app. Go to Shop Settings then tap on Shop Video. Add three short clips, and the app will combine them together for you. Use landscape orientation to take advantage of the full screen.

•   Equipment

        Android phones can do the trick. Use digital cameras or DSLR for top quality outputs. Similar to photographing your products, invest in a tripod and good light sources. Although sunlight is the best resource for this, additional lighting can be useful during gloomy days. Great lighting makes everything look top notch.

•   Apps

        A vast number of people use android phones for photos and videos. It’s only fitting that a plethora of apps is available to enrich the video and photo shoot experience.

•   Music

        What’s a video without music? Music sets the pace and mood for your videos. It makes watching all the more enticing and enjoyable. Don’t let copyright issues be a hindrance. Recording videos through the Etsy app allows you to choose from their available tracks. If you’re not keen on buying tunes, feel free to browse through YouTube music library, Vimeo’s music store, Freestockmusic,, and other resources here and here.

•   Ideas

        The topic of the video is another important element. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise, engage with viewers, retain customers, and attract new ones. Here are some topics you can work with:

  • Best-selling item feature
  • New items
  • Process flow / Time Lapse
  • How-To
  • Product in action

       See more ideas here.

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