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Canvas is a great surface to paint, and thanks to the advancements in technology, it’s also a great surface to print as well. However, improper storage and transportation of the canvas can lead to dents and creases. Fortunately, there are ways to rectify the situation. Try these tips and see which works best for you. Reminder: Extent of the damage, type of paint/ink used (if any), and type of canvas are a few factors to consider when performing any of the remedies below. You may have to repeat the task several times or adjust the amount of time or material needed.

•   Option 1

        If the canvas is rolled or unstretched, the creases should fade once the canvas is stretched.

•   Option 2

        Lay the unstretched canvas flat on a clean surface. Moisten with water. Set the iron to the setting for cotton or linen. Iron the canvas until satisfied with results.

•   Option 3

        Dampen the back of the canvas where the dent is. It will smoothen out once it dries. You can use a spray bottle, a damp rag or sponge.

•   Option 4

        If water doesn’t work, tryusing a professional spray starch in a can. Similar to using water, don’t oversaturate when applying to the canvas.

•   Option 5

        Spray the back of the canvas with water. Apply just enough so the water works its way into the weave. Press a flat object against the dent, then let it dry.

•   Option 6

        Lay the canvas face down on a clean thick cotton towel. Hold a steam iron above the back of the canvas about an inch or so. Lightly release steam onto the dent or wrinkle until it’s wet. Wipe off excess water, then let it dry upright.

•   Option 7

        Try Masterpiece Artist Canvas Tight-n-Up Canvas Retensioner Spray that works on natural-fiber canvases. It instantly tightens problem areas or loose canvases leaving them flat and taut. It can be applied by spraying or brushing it on.

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