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For this webinar, our focus is on framed canvas. Here at Lumaprints, we take pride in offering a diverse range of sizes, including custom sizes – a feature that sets us apart in the market. Our canvas sizes range from as small as 5×5 to as large as an impressive 52×94. The ability to provide custom sizing is a testament to our commitment to meeting your specific needs.

If you like reading more than watching, we’ve got you. Read on for the written version of this webinar. You can also jump to any topic you want from the list below.

Benefits of Framed Canvases

Exploring Frame Canvas Colors and Depths

Understanding Floating Frames

Frame Material and Construction

Hanging Hardware Options

Frame Installation and Customization

Pricing and Recommendations

Shipping with Care

Accessible Mockups for Your Convenience

Q&A Session


Benefits of Framed Canvases

Frame canvases come with numerous benefits, making them an easy and fantastic option to offer your customers. Not only can they be conveniently integrated into your existing canvas product listings, but they also open up opportunities for higher pricing. Customers often associate framing with a premium option, making it a sought-after choice. Offering framed canvases at a higher price point can result in increased profits while delivering a superior product.

Exploring Framed Canvas Colors and Depths

One of the highlights of our frame canvases is the variety of colors and depths available. From the popular natural wood to the rich tones of walnut, sleek black and white, to the luxurious gold and silver, we offer options to cater to diverse preferences. Understanding the characteristics of each color and depth ensures you can make informed decisions based on your artwork or photography.

  • Natural: A light and fresh-looking oak wood, popular in recent times. Available in depths of 0.75, 1.25 and 1.50.
  • Walnut: Ideal for darker artwork, providing contrast while retaining a natural wood grain look. Available in depth of 1.50.
  • Black and White: Smooth finish with a consistent color, suitable for various styles. Black is available in depths of 0.75, 1.25, and 1.50 while white is available in depths of 0.75 and 1.50.
  • Gold and Silver: Featuring a brush stroke appearance for a luxurious touch. Both colors are available in depths of 0.75 and 1.50.

Understanding Floating Frames

Our framed canvases boast a floating frame style, a design where the canvas is installed in the middle of the frame, creating a small gap between the frame and the canvas.

This innovative approach allows for a sleek, modern appearance, showcasing the entirety of the image without any cut-offs. The floating frame is versatile, complementing both classical and modern art pieces.

Frame Material and Construction

At Lumaprints, quality matters. Our frames are crafted from 100% wood, ensuring a weighty, premium feel. The natural wood grain adds a touch of authenticity and enhances the overall texture of the frame.

We believe that when customers invest in a premium product, they deserve a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing frame.

Hanging Hardware Options

We offer four hanging hardware options:

1. Loose Hanging Wire: A convenient option that allows customers to install the hanging wire themselves using the provided kit.

We provide small J Hooks capable of holding up to 30 lbs. Using a leveler ensures proper alignment and a centered display. Whether you choose loose hanging wire, pre-installed hanging wire, or the 3-point security hardware, we make installation easy and secure.

Here is a demo video of how to install your loose hanging wire.

2. Pre-Installed Hanging Wire: For those who prefer the convenience of having the hanging wire pre-installed.

3. Blackboard Backing: An optional extra cost for customers who want to conceal the back of the canvas.

4. 3-Point Security Hardware: Ideal for those seeking a secure option, especially in hospitality, retail, or corporate settings.

In Lumaprints, we install the brackets for you, leaving you with the screws to install into the wall.

Frame Installation and Customization

One notable feature of our frame canvases is the ability to easily remove and reinstall the canvas. This flexibility allows artists to hand-embellish their canvases, providing room for artistic expression. The use of hardware instead of adhesive ensures a clean process without any damage to the canvas.
Here is a demo video of how we install our frames. If you wish to reverse the installation and take out the canvas from the frame, you can also refer to this video.

Pricing and Recommendations

While frame canvases come at a premium cost, the quality and customization they offer are unmatched. Here’s a general overview of pricing for medium to large sizes. Additionally, we recommend considering the canvas depth based on size:

Shipping with Care

We understand the importance of secure shipping. Our spidering method ensures that the canvas is suspended within the box, providing a buffer against potential damage during transit. This meticulous packaging reflects our commitment to delivering pristine products to your customers.
Here is a video demo of how we get the framed canvases ready for shipping.

Accessible Mockups for Your Convenience

For those interested in frame canvases but unsure about the presentation, we provide easy-to-use mockups. Available for download on our product page, these mockups come with instructions and a video tutorial. Regardless of your familiarity with editing software, our mockups make it easy to visualize and present your frame canvases effectively.
You may access the tutorial webinar video on how to use Lumapints’ Mockup Templates through this link:

Q&A Session

Before we concluded the webinar, we addressed some questions from the audience.

1. Can we see more colors on the wooden frames?

  • We’re always in development when it comes to our products. We will consider this suggestion.

2. Do the frames scratch easily?

  • For the most part, the frames do not scratch unless handled roughly. If you do see a scruff on your frame, you can use a slightly moist or dry towel to rub it off gently. If it does not come off, you can message us at [email protected] and our customer service team will assist you.

3. Do you sell the floating frames only?

  • For now, we don’t provide it on the store-front but you can also contact our customer service if there can be an exception.

4. When framing 1.5 depth, what’s the benefit of the foam-core option for the canvas?

  • The foam core’s main purpose is to cover the back of the canvas, with no effect on its structure. It’s mainly there for aesthetics, as some customers prefer not to show the back side of the canvas.

5. Why would a customer prefer loose hanging hardware?

  • Some customers want to install the hanging hardware themselves, so at Lumaprints, we offer the option of getting your canvas with loose hanging hardware.

6. For shipping and using Etsy, for example, what’s the process to get tracking to customers?

  • For integrated platforms like Etsy, tracking information is automatically sent to customers via email during the checkout process.

7. Can the canvases can be easily removed from the frame and put back in so I can put hand embellish in my canvas?

  • Since we use hardware to install the frames, it should be easy to screw the canvas from the frame and screw it back in using a screwdriver or a drill.

8. What is the best resolution required to get a good print on canvas?

  • A minimum of 200 DPI is recommended for optimal print quality on canvas. However, the quality of the image itself is equally crucial.

9. When customers as for loosed wire, are there instructions that comes with the product and how to install it?

  • While not currently provided, we will explore including instructions for customers who opt for loose hanging hardware.

10. I noticed that the shipment box gets quite bigger than the artwork itself, what size allowance do you have when packing the canvas to a box?

  • We maintain a buffer of at least two inches around the artwork in the box to safeguard against potential damage during shipping.

11. Is locking hardware available for glass frames too?

  • Currently it’s not available, but we are working on introducing locking hardware for frame paper art prints.


Thank you all for joining us in this comprehensive exploration of our frame canvases. We hope this webinar and blog has been informative and has provided valuable insights into the world of framed canvases. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at [email protected].

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