The home decor industry is huge and profitable. Selling canvas prints can be an excellent way to attract customers, as they are popular with people looking for décor for their homes. You’ve probably seen people selling them on Etsy or at craft fairs, or in galleries. Why not consider selling them yourself? People love to display them in their homes because they are high quality, and can be printed with almost any image or pattern—whether it’s an artwork or a favorite photo from their travels around the world! The options are endless!

Still not convinced? Let’s look at the reasons why they’re a great choice for your business or for any space that needs new life.

canvas print of artworks hanging on walls interior photography


         Canvas prints are known for their durability and versatility. It’s commonly made from cotton, polyester, or a mix of both. It’s been widely used for ages. So if you are after a product that will last you a long time, even 100 years, canvas prints may be just what you need.

Archival ink used in canvas printing makes the image vibrant and brings out the true colors in your photo. Additionally, this type of ink is water-resistant and can withstand fading brought on by the passing of time. With proper care and maintenance, canvas prints can last for decades without significant loss of color or detail.


Canvas prints, made of plain-woven fabric, have an artistic appeal that can be compared to paintings from museums and galleries. They have this charm that catches people’s eye and makes them wonder why they don’t have one for themselves.

         A canvas print doesn’t need to be covered in glass or acrylic to show off its beauty. Gleams of light will only intensify and boost the print’s character, as a textured surface will give off shadows that make it look more realistic. This makes the print a timeless decor, something that will look good not only during the day but also at night.

The texture of canvas prints makes them seem more alive, adding depth to your images. They look attractive in any setting, making your space feel more elegant and classic. 

Cost Effective

         Canvas prints are relatively cost-effective and cheaper than other print types. Their longevity and frameless setup give you the highest quality possible and way more than what your money’s worth, making them a terrific investment for your space.

Because the print has a frameless design, you can use it in any space or location. You won’t have to keep changing your frames or decor as you redecorate your room or repaint your walls. This means you can fit your art in anywhere and save money on new pieces in the future.

Although they may cost more upfront than other print types such as fine art paper, canvas prints don’t need expensive glass frames to hold them together. They are also similar to metal and acrylic prints in durability and appeal, but much cheaper. 

No glare and reflections

         If you’re not into the hassles of framing, then opt for canvas prints. Framing adds additional weight to the print, requires special hanging hardware to support the weight, and—if you opt for plexiglass—can add glare that detracts from the print’s vibrancy.

Canvas prints are just as beautiful than framed prints but a lot less fragile. They also got the benefit of being a lighter option than a traditional framed piece, so you aren’t putting stress on the walls around it.

Canvas comes in a variety of finishes, including matte, semi-gloss, glossy, and others. For high contrast images with intricate color schemes or very dark hues, like black, matte finish gives an extremely low glare finish.

Without the glare and reflections, you won’t have to worry about the lighting of the space where they’ll be displayed. Moreso, making sure that the print is in line with the overall decor of the space will no longer be a part of your concern since you won’t need to think about the frames matching the space. 


Canvas prints are very lightweight. They don’t require any complicated hanging devices, making them suitable for people who move often. Since they’re light and easy to store, these quality canvas prints are also a good choice if you want to change the look of a room in a snap.

Comes in many sizes

Canvas prints are available in a variety of sizes, making them versatile wall decor. If you have a high ceiling, or a long hallway, you won’t have to worry about finding something to liven up those spaces. Their varying canvas size options give you the freedom to choose how big or small your print will be. You could have a giant print that stands out on your wall, or you can opt for smaller ones that form a puzzle-like image when combined. You can get custom canvas prints for custom canvas sizes, and remember that you only have your imagination as the limit.

All things considered; canvas prints are a great product to offer. They’re versatile, durable, lightweight, classy and a good value for money. They have all the qualities a customer is looking for when making a home decor purchase. You can have your dream gallery wall without spending a fortune!


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