Father’s Day is approaching and if you’re stumped for a gift, we have some ideas that you can have ready in time for the holiday! Celebrate your father with gifts that he will love and appreciate. From convenient purchases to sentimental keepsakes, we have six Father’s Day gifts that will the make the day all the more special.

Not all dads are the same so we made sure to list a variety of gifts so you can pick the one that best suites your dad! Plus, these gift ideas are budget-friendly but you can also upgrade these gifts if you feel like splurging this holiday.

6. Scrapbook

This is for the dad who is a little sentimental. He probably keeps your childhood drawings somewhere safe and loves taking pictures of family moments. He is the kind of father that will appreciate something handmade more than anything store bought. Scrapbooks are the perfect keepsakes that can hold all those memories you made with your dad. Plus, depending on your time, you can make a scrapbook from scratch using card stock or alternatively, buy a blank scrapbook from your local craft store.

Fill it photos or drawings that have been collected over the years. If you want to add more photos from your phone or camera, there are many places where you can print out digital photos. At Lumaprints, we recently dropped our Semi-Glossy Photo paper, ideal for photos and perfect for scrapbooking. We offer custom sizes so you can fit your photos perfectly into your scrapbook!

5. Greeting Card

A greeting card is a great gift for dads who are a bit more reserved about what they want on Father’s Day. They probably said they don’t want any gifts but in reality, a small gesture of appreciation would lift their spirits. For a card, you can either write a personal letter or purchase a card that comes with the perfect message you couldn’t have said better.

You can always place a gift card into the envelope as well if you want to add more to the gift. Whatever you chose, if you are stumped for a gift to give to a dad who said they don’t want anything this Father’s day, a card is a safe and thoughtful choice.

4. New Clothes

If you find your dad always busy with work and big projects, helping him out with something he has been putting off can show you care and it will be one less worry for him to think about. Think about the last time he bought clothes for himself and if you can’t remember, then maybe this gift is just what he needs. Just be sure you have the right size and style, preferably his favorite brand too! This is a great gift option especially if you prefer to give them something they can use in their day-to-day.

If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘why not a gift card to his favorite clothing store?’ Consider that some dads think clothes shopping is a chore or they simply do not have the time. This is where you can come in and help them refresh their wardrobe! Whether it’s some new dress shirts or a comfortable pair of shoes, he’ll be delighted to receive a gift he can wear and put to use.

3. Family Outing

For the dads that are in the office five days a week, a nice respite from the daily grind would be a more than welcomed gift. Whether it’s a day out at the national park or an evening at their favorite bowling alley, spending some time with the family and having a good time can be a great way for them to reset and relax. If you know your dad is always busy or maybe they haven’t had much time to spend with the family, this is a great opportunity to let them rest and enjoy quality time with loved ones.

We suggest taking note of the places they enjoy or they have been wanting to visit. Plan food, detours and anything else your dad would like to do to make it a day he’ll remember. Be sure to take photos as well, as he’ll love to have memories of a day he spent with family doing something new and exciting.

2. Photoshoot with the Family

Similar to a family outing, you would want to plan to go somewhere significant/special for your father for the photoshoot. This activity is great for the dads who are creative and/or photogenic, as it gives them the opportunity to do an interactive activity with the family.

Photoshoots can be a surprisingly fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Plan a theme ahead of time that will suit your dad’s personality and think of poses, scenarios, and props that can help with the theme. Plus, you can print these photos for keepsakes. In addition to this photoshoot, you can print one of these photos and frame it as a gift for him to place in his workplace. Conveniently, Lumaprints sells four types of products to print your photos on, canvas, canvas with frame, paper, and metal. Think what would suit his workspace and print out a photo he can look back on and remember how much fun he had that day.

1. Personalized Illustrations

The online marketplace has a lot of gifts for Father’s Day and it maybe hard to find something personable. Luckily, platforms like Etsy have many artists who make personalized family photos.

Check out Etsy and look for ‘portrait clipart’, there are many creators with different styles so you will have a lot of options to choose from. These art pieces are a unique and creative way to showcase your family. Some creators have physical options available but if they only do digital images, then you can get your print done with Lumaprints. We have paper prints including archival matte and semi-glossy photo print. Whether you choose to frame it or keep it as is, your dad will love to have a custom gift unique to their family!


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