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Overjoyed with the love and support you’re getting for your crafts, you’re finally convinced to set up shop and sell online. For artisans such as yourself, Etsy is the popular choice. Let’s count the reasons why:

 1. It’s easy to get started

        Not everyone can create their own website. Hiring someone to do it is an added expense. Learning it will eat up a lot of time. Wouldn’t you rather use the time and money to make and sell your wares? With Etsy, you just choose from their template options, fill in the necessary details, and you’re done. Tracking, analytics, and even payment processing are all taken care of. No codes. No troubleshooting. No time wasted. You can focus on what matters most – your product, branding, and customers.

 2. Less trouble finding customers

        Go fishing where the fishes are. Simple as that. Etsy has over 25 million active buyers[1]. No need to look any further. The high traffic translates to high potential exposure of your shop to prospective customers. Instant viewership and marketing is within reach by accessing the vast amount of users Etsy has gained over the years.

 3. Help is readily available

        Etsy sellers are not only creative and passionate; they’re also engaged and helpful as evidenced by the conversations and discussions in their community. Whether you have questions about print on demand companies or have complaints with the new policies, rest assured that someone is listening. With over 1.6 million [2] and counting, it’s truly an immense network for information sharing and opportunity building. Marketing partnership options, tips and tricks, news and updates are undoubtedly abundant.

        If you’re ready to dive into the world of online selling through Etsy, read our article for some helpful tips to set up your shop.

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