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If you’re selling online, like Etsy, then you know product photography is crucial. With the absence of the physical product, customers rely on your photos and descriptions – two things that can either encourage shoppers to buy or make them hesitate. It only takes a few moments to catch their eyes, and hopefully, close a sale. Make your photos stand out by letting them communicate with your viewers. Transform them into a visual pitch too hard to turn down.

•   Your Product

        Consider your product before anything else. What is its purpose, size, color, and shape? Understand every aspect down to the tiniest detail. Your product is the star. It also serves as a guide on choosing location and props that’ll emphasize and complement it. Make sure it’s in pristine condition during the photo shoot.

branding brand color palette style identity product photography styling

•   Your Brand

        Your brand would most probably stem from your product. If you have an existing branding in place (color palette, mood, style) incorporate it into the photo shoot. Stage the set in a way that showcases your personal taste and reinforces your brand. It can be bright and playful, soft and girly, or rugged and tough.

using props for composition to style product photos

•   Your Props

        You may feel unsure at first. That’s ok. Everything is a process. So start simple. Your product matched with a plain background will do. If your product is dark colored use a light background, and vice versa. Go a step further by using textured surfaces or backgrounds in a different color.

        Gradually add your props. Choose items that will help tell a story. For example, display the tools you used to create the product. If your product is an artwork, surround it with pens and brushes. Or pair your product with complementary items. If you’re selling phone cases, then use a phone with it. You can go another route by using props that say something about your target market. What items would a fashionable teen have that go well with your product?

        Location is also important. Photograph your product in its natural environment. Kitchenware is found in the kitchen. Art prints can be hung in the living room or bed room. Another option is to create the location using common elements seen in those places as props.

        The addition of a human element can elevate your photo shoot. Enlist the help of a model. Capture your product in action. Give the shoppers an idea of what your product looks like when worn or used. Everything in the photo should be carefully and meticulously arranged. The whole scene should tell a story, convey functionality and usefulness, and be relevant to the market.

        Get creative and resourceful. Set the stage not only for your product photo shoot but also for your success. With everything in place, it’s time for the photo shoot to begin.

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