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Nowadays, it’s important to put a lot of attention to the quality of your images. Whether you’re a professional photographer, graphic designer, content creator, interior designer, or entrepreneur, you need to know how to make your pictures look great. Product photos, social media posts, website photos, marketing collateral – anything that reflects your brand or business should be spot on. The good news is that even if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford expensive photo editing software, you have lots of options for creating polished-looking images.

This article reviews the top PC photo editing software. These apps have something for everyone, from high-end professional editors to simple improvements for sharing photos online.

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What is a Photo Editing Software?

A photo editing software is designed to enable its users to produce and modify images as required. Such photography tools and software are highly useful for things like cropping pictures and adjusting colors. For your immediate editing needs, these tools prove to be quite helpful.

Every year, new software and applications for photo editing are created. Today, many free picture editing programs are available, and choosing the best one among them can be a complicated process. 

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Best Photo Editing Software in 2023

We tested a number of programs and tools, and gathered insights from customer reviews to find the finest picture editor. Majority of free picture editors are distinct from one another because they each offer a variety of options. 

Each of them has unique characteristics that make editing considerably simpler. You can select any photo editing program that best meets your needs from the list of options in our rundown.

1. Canva

It’s safe to say that Canva is one of the most powerful photo editors out there. You can quickly modify tilt and angle using the application, which also aids in taking stunning pictures. Canva’s rapid drag-and-drop functionality is the main factor in why most users enjoy using it. With this tool, you can clip your pictures and add text, stickers, and Stellar photo effects to any image.

Canva is one of the most excellent tools for quick editing and quick collaboration, according to customer reviews. Canva offers simple designs with fewer clicks that assist you in making social media posts with improved design and visual postings. It is a popular tool for improving designs and performance among both experienced editors and new users. It is accessible for free, but you can avail of the Premium for only $119.99.


With GIMP, you can enjoy an outstanding editing experience thanks to its extensible editing platform. Additionally, the editing program has filters for animation. Most users have found it useful for needs like modifying animation and handling files. GIMP is designed exclusively for the GNU image and uses extremely minimal storage space.

According to customer reviews, a complete collection of painting tools are included with the GIMP. In terms of useful tools and editing requirements, it essentially has everything you could want. Every professional editor should use GIMP, which offers a variety of editing tools, including pencils and brushes. It’s free to download this software.

3. Fotor

Most people know the advantages of using Fotor and how it may help you get the best results. You may use the Fotor to achieve the best results by following both basic and advanced editing principles.

Additionally, Fotor has an online editor option. This will provide you with accessible editing possibilities from several devices, including your PC. Fast and easy to use, Fotor’s picture editing tools are great for quick fixes. Also available are more than 100 exclusive photo effects.

Feedback from satisfied users suggests that Fotor is among the best editing programs available. With this program, you may always look to gain full access to editing necessities because it operates across all platforms. 

Any user will find the ability to have many photo frames to be one of the fascinating features. Every customer could benefit from the capabilities for quicker photo editing abilities. It is available for free. However, a Premium subscription costs $8.99 per month.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

The Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is the finest option available if you’re seeking a web-based editing tool with practically every feature. The Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, although a free editing tool, contains practically all the features you need. You might also utilize specific crop settings for social media, from artistic edits to lateral and vertical perspective distortions.

According to user reviews, the most incredible editing tool on the market right now is the Adobe Photoshop Express Editor. Most users believe that the Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is an all-inclusive tool that experts can use. This tool can handle all of your tasks, including light video editing and image editing. This free editing tool appears to be the summit of editing.

This program is available without charge. However, the Premium plan costs $34.99.

5. Darktable

The Darktable supports a variety of formats. In addition to this, Darktable makes filtering and sorting much more straightforward, and editing photos is swift. One aspect that makes it possible for you to have a fantastic experience is zero latency. Additionally, it offers a wide range of tone image settings that provide you with a wonderful working experience. It has a zoomable user interface and gives customers access to professional color management.

If you’re searching for an editor that’s quick to work with, Darktable is a fantastic option, according to user reviews. This tool’s zero latency saves users’ time. Numerous users have praised the Darktable tool as an excellent tethered shooting solution. Almost all features needed for use by professionals are present in this tool. And it’s free, too.

6. Photo Pos Pro

When you need to edit something right away, the Photo Pos Pro is a tool you would enjoy using. This application is a fantastic way to edit photos and produce visual content as needed. This even allows for fine-tuned editing and corrections, greatly simplifying the process of sharpening and emphasizing. In addition, Photo Pos Pro makes it more simple to execute tasks involving computer graphics and other editing tools.

According to user reviews, the Photo Pos Pro has a variety of settings that make editing simple. Additionally, this program has a bath operation mode, which makes it much simpler for users to finish tasks and edit many photo formats. There are various formats from which to choose when it comes to gradients and textures.

It’s free to download Photo Pos Pro. You can also avail of their premium account for $49.90.


Everyone is aware of the power of the platform for novice editors. This tool’s user interface is straightforward and aids in providing you with decent performance. With each mouse click, you’ll experience quick performance thanks to the robust image composition mechanism. In addition to automatic bug fixes that lower all types of delay, this utility also includes performance improvements.

Customers have praised for its incredible performance and setting options. This platform gives you a good editing option for those who are just starting off. Most of them said’s platform would be simple for beginners to use from a consumer standpoint. The quick image editor option with a straightforward UI will also be simpler for most individuals.

This software is free to use, but if you want the premium version, you can get it for just $8.99.

8. Inpixio

One of the best photo editing programs is Inpixio, which will enable you to do quick edits like an expert. With only a few clicks, you can quickly eliminate undesirable objects and clear backgrounds using this tool. In addition, Inpixio provides automatic picture correction. This tool only requires a tap or a click to make quick changes to your edited image.

Customer feedback indicates that the Inpixio application has options for quickly changing the background. Users can easily change their background with Inpixio; such precise and fluid backdrop image settings are absent from similar programs. The background graphics can be removed in a flash and only take a few seconds. While the basic version of this software is free, the premium version costs $49.99.

9. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is one application that will have you drooling when it comes to simple and fast editing. You may access multiple features with this software, which is available across all platforms. In conjunction with the color picker, the animated option enables you to see the tool’s true color and contour.

The splitter is another helpful tool that you may use to create simple posters. It’s also practical to use the screen capture mode.

According to user reviews, PhotoScape software is a fantastic tool for use while performing professional editing. Users regard the batch editing tool in PhotoScape as being considerably more straightforward to use than similar tools. Additionally, it includes a combination feature. The majority of users favored the capability of creating a final duplicate by vertically or horizontally affixing multiple photos.

The premium version costs $39.99, while the basic version is free.

10. Pixlr

One of the most well-known photo editing programs on the market right now is Pixlr. Pixlr’s most recent updates may provide you with an editing experience that is on another level. Pixlr offers a variety of editing tools, from picture conversion to various types of editing.

This program also has pre-made collage designs for quicker editing if you need to complete quick tasks. Professionals choose Pixlr due to its Instant AI-powered background removal function, among other things.

Based on customer feedback, you can download Pixlr for all mobile and PC versions. It even features an online editor that people have used to achieve astonishing results. A lot of individuals say that the UI is great and straightforward to use. Pixlr makes it simple to complete many tasks.

This app is totally free. $14.99/month gets you the premium version of it.

To conclude

One of the best ways to create a picture-perfect image is to have photo editing software. With the option of using free picture editing tools, you can create the ideal image for posting, whether it’s for work-related demands or social networking requirements.

In today’s modern world, every home and device must have photo editing software. There are numerous tools accessible today for a quick edit.

One of the most valuable tools available now is Adobe Photoshop Express Editor. It delivers every functionality that a professional may need for daily use. You may get mobile photo editing software for free using the tool, which you can download on any platform.

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