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A blank wall beckons. The room begs for a twinkle of creativity. You’ve seen prints beautifully decorated on walls on websites and magazines. But how do they do it? Wall decorating requires a good eye and knowledge of design principles. There’s definitely much to learn. So here are 4P’s to help get you started.

layout plans framework before decorating wall

•   Planning

        Choose the wall to decorate. Examine the room in its entirety. Keep in mind of the following:

  • Look at the shape of the wall. Is it tall? Wide? Square? Irregular? The shape of the wall will dictate the shape and size of the piece or arrangement.
  • What do you want the space to convey? Calm and relaxed? Stimulating? A statement about you? The answer will help you pick out the perfect piece to hang. There are also several types of print available – canvasmetalpaper, and so on. Be sure to add this to the list.
  • When choosing prints, select the ones you’ll be comfortable with for a long period of time. If you have other members in the unit, make sure to consider their thoughts as well.
large prints go with a large wall based on proportions

•   Proportion

        Part of planning is knowing the size of the wall to decorate. Big walls need either a large print or a collage/group of prints to fill the space. In case the prints you purchased are too small, add more to create a cluster. If they’re oversized, use less on one wall and use the rest on another. There are several ways around such situations. Be creative and think of out-of-the-box solutions.

coherent color palette for wall decorating

•   Palette

        Again, it’s all about the statement you want the room to showcase. Use a specific color palette to tie everything together. Another option is turning your prints into accent pieces that add a pop of color. Browse the internet for color palette inspirations. There are times when you match the room to the print instead of the other way around. 

multiple prints on wall space

•   Placement

        This is the fun part. Mix and match. Play with a few layouts. If you’re having a hard time visualizing, lay the pieces on the floor to test some setups. When you’re happy with a particular arrangement, take a photo and recreate it on the wall. Go symmetrical or even asymmetrical. Moreover, leave around 8 to 11 inches of space between the base of the print and top of the furniture. Eye-level is best. However, if the wall calls for it (i.e. tall or high wall), don’t be afraid to bend the rules. Lastly, resist the urge to fill up the entire wall (unless it’s your intention). Negative space is also important and can be used to your advantage. The goal is to decorate, not clutter.  

        Just let loose and have fun. Don’t stress too much about the smallest details. After all, it’s a learning experience as it is a creative one. Give it a shot, then stand back and proudly admire your masterpiece.

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