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We have launched a major update to our webiste to make the ordering process simpler and more convenient for you!

The new and improved website has these great new features:

Automatic Syncing of order via Shipstation:

Save time processing your orders with our new Order Sync feature! You can have Lumaprints automatically download your orders and order details from your different marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and others. You can do this using a third party software called Shipstation. Link your accounts to Shipstation, enter your shipstation API details into Lumaprints, and then your orders will be automatically downloaded and synced! And once the order is shipped, the tracking number will automatically get sent back to your marketplaces and have it reported there.

Multiple Stores in your Account:

You can now create multiple stores in your account, and manage orders in each store separately. You can also configure the “Ship From” name for each store separately and customize that for the shipping labels that are created.

If you are using the Shipstation feature above, please add all of your stores into Shipstation before linking it to your Lumaprints account so that all of your stores will get imported.

Product Library:

Do you have orders for the same print over and over? Well now you have a product library that you can save your prints into! The next time you have an order for that print, you can select that straight from your Library and don’t have to upload the image and select options again.

If you are using Shipstation and have product SKUs in your listings, your orders will automatically link the products in your orders to the products in your library if it was ordered previously before and that product exists already.

These new features have automatically been applied to your Pro account. You will see a walk-through outlining these new features the first time you log into your account after this update. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us via email, phone, or our chat app on the website. We hope you like the new and improved website!

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