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In this webinar, we address some of the most common questions asked by our valued customers. Sarah and Lindsay from our marketing team, along with insights from our CEO, Ken, provided answers to key queries related to our services, website updates, and more. Let’s dive into the Q&A!

If you like reading more than watching, we’ve got you. Read on for an article version of the webinars!

  • How long will the old ordering website be active? With the new website, is there a way to stay logged in, and do we have to log in each time?
    – According to our developers, our old ordering website will be active for about a year. Users should be able to log in for six months unless you clear the cache, which will require you to log in again.
  • When is the new website going to be live? What will happen to the artwork we’ve already uploaded on the old website? Are they going to get lost, and do we need to start over?
    – The new website is now live! Just go to to be able to access the new ordering website.
    – As for your artworks, we will be able to migrate any JPEG or PNG images to the new website. However, the product mappings on the new library will have to be done again and won’t be carried over.
  • Which products should I offer my customers?
    – It depends on your design style and your customer base. A few things have to be considered, like your customer, pricing, etc. As a general rule of thumb, having an economical intro product that has a lower cost than offering a premium product as well. For example, having fine prints as the economical product, then going for stretched canvas for the more premium option.
  • Will you provide mock-ups or templates in the future?
    – We are currently in the early stage of development of offering mock-ups and templates for our customers, and we are hoping to launch it in the near future.
    – In the meantime, if you are in need of a mock-up, we recommend websites such as Canva and Unsplash.
    – We recommend using mockups that have neutral colors, as it makes your images pop more.
  • What is the best way to get the standard shipping cost to offer their customer, especially since it varies depending on the location?
    – As a rule of thumb, you can get a general shipping cost using our shipping calculator feature on the website. When you log in, you can use a New York ZIP code, which is 10001, or a rural address kind of zip code, which is 04938. Through this, you can estimate a shipping cost based on the farthest location from our Anaheim site. These shipping prices will be on the higher end, and you can see what the shipping cost will be at a maximum point.
    – Then, you can either offer the flat rate version of that estimated shipping cost or add that to your overall price point and offer free shipping.
  • What is the best way to place an order if I need the prints in a shorter period of time?
    – We recommend our rush options: next-day and same-day productions. These options are more economical than expedited shipping and going with our normal business production, which is three days. To remedy the costly expedited shipping, we recommend going for expedited production instead.
    – For just a small fee, you can have your products shipped as fast as the same day or the next business day (if ordered before 9 AM Pacific Time). Just keep in mind that same-day pickup is not an option.
  • How does the store pickup option work?
    – We have a pickup option for our local customers in Anaheim or the Southern California area. If you don’t want to pay for shipping and would just rather come to pick it up free of charge after paying for the product you ordered, you can do so by choosing the pickup option during checkout on our ordering website.
    – Once your order is processed and ready, our customer service team will get in touch with you via email, letting you know that the order is ready for pickup.
    – We’ll be providing directions and visual guides to help you get to our Anaheim facility. Once you’re there, just let us know your order number, and then you can get your order.
  • What time can I pick up my order from your office?
    – Orders can be picked up between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. Pacific Time at our Anaheim location. If you need to pick up outside these hours, please contact us in advance through, and we may be able to arrange a different time.
  • How do you add products to your integrated store?
    – We have a webinar where we show a full ordering walk-through on our new ordering website. You can access it through this link:
  • Is it okay to use the biggest image for the smallest size variant of a print?
    – Generally, it’s okay to take a larger version of your image for a smaller-sized print as long as it’s in the correct aspect ratio. We also did an in-depth webinar about setting up files for print. You can watch it through this link:
  • Are there extra fees that a customer has to pay aside from our product cost and shipping?
    – There will be taxes on your purchases. However, if you have a resale certificate, you are more than welcome to submit that to the tax-exempt. If you are using the new website, you can send your resale certificate via chat or email our customer service team at [email protected].
  • What is the lead time, including days of shipping?
    – Generally, our standard lead time for production is three days. The shipping time depends on the shipping courier. Once we hand the order to the courier, the shipping time is out of our hands, but for the most part, we’re looking for a minimum of five days shipping time.
    – If you’re looking for a faster lead time, we suggest our same-day and next-day production offers.
  • How big is the tube used for the paper prints?
    – The tubes we use for paper prints have a diameter of three inches. The length of the tube is customized based on the print size, with a few extra inches added for protection.
    – Currently, we have plans to switch to triangle-shaped packaging instead of tubes for cost-effective shipping via FedEx Ground economy. These triangle-shaped packaging are double-walled to provide better crush protection compared to single-wall tubes.
    – Also, prints that are 8×11 inches or smaller will be shipped in a flat envelope, while larger prints will be shipped in a tube or triangular packaging.
    – You also have the option to get your prints shipped in a flat envelope with an additional fee and shipping cost.
    – For larger paper print orders, the prints will be flattened together, sandwiched inside cardboard for protection, and shipped flat.
  • What is the biggest size you can print?
    – Here’s a complete list of the maximum sizes we offer depending on the product.
ProductMaximum size offered
Stretched Canvas (with 3-inch bleed allocation)54-inches max. width 110-inches max. length
Framed Canvas (with 3-inch bleed allocation)54-inches max. width 94-inches max. length
Rolled canvas54-inches max. width 300-inches max. length
Paper Prints43-inches max. width 110-inches max. length
Framed Paper Prints40-inches max. width 60-inches max. length
Metal Prints24-inches max. width 36-inches max. length
Peel & Stick49-inches max. width 110-inches max. length

*NOTE: Because our printers are 54 inches wide on canvases, they will come out a little bit smaller at 53.75 inches in width.

  • What’s the best way to reduce shipping costs when placing a large quantity order?
    – There are several strategies to reduce shipping costs when ordering in bulk.
    • Use a Shipping Calculator: One of the most effective ways to estimate shipping costs for a large quantity order is to utilize a shipping calculator. It helps you get an idea of how much shipping will cost based on the dimensions, weight, and destination of your products.
    • Order Products Separately: Surprisingly, ordering products separately can sometimes be more cost-effective. This is because separate orders may fit better into certain packaging dimensions and weight limits, resulting in lower shipping fees.
    • Palletize and Ship via Freight: For very large orders, we offer the option to palletize your items and ship them via freight. This can often be a cost-saving solution, especially when compared to individual packaging and shipping. Freight shipping can be more economical for extremely large orders.
    • Store Pickup for Large Orders: If you place a very large order on our website, you might not see any shipping options during the checkout process. In such cases, you can choose the “store pickup” option, and our team will work in the background to determine the most cost-effective shipping method for your order, sharing the pricing with you offline.
    • Compare FedEx Ground and Freight: It’s worth noting that sometimes shipping via FedEx Ground can be more cost-effective than using freight services. Our competitive FedEx Ground pricing may surprise you, and it’s a convenient option for shipping multiple pieces in one box to your destination.
    • Bulk Order Assistance: If you’re placing a bulk order, consider reaching out to our customer service team. They can assist you in finding the best shipping options and pricing for your specific order. This personalized approach can help you save on shipping costs.
  • Is it possible to go to your office and place an order there? Or is everything online now?
    – All orders are placed online through our website. However, we do have a showroom where you can view our products if you’d like to see them in person before ordering. We recommend placing orders online for convenience.
  • Are there any resources or devices for accurate color calibration when viewing images on a monitor?
    – Yes, there are devices available for color calibration, such as those from brands like X-Rite and Datacolor. The cost can range from around $100 to a few thousand dollars, depending on the model. Calibration devices are useful for ensuring accurate colors on your monitor.

  • When can I pick up my prints after selecting a production day?
    – If you’ve opted for store pickup, the timing depends on your production day selection. We don’t recommend same-day production and pickup, as your prints won’t be ready until possibly the next day. It’s safer to choose next-day or regular production for pickup. With next-day production, you can expect your prints to be ready by the end of the second day after placing your order. For regular business days, it takes three business days, and your pickup order should be ready at the end of the third day.

  • Can saved products be posted on my Shopify store?
    – While you can connect your store to Lumaprints to receive information from Shopify, it doesn’t work the other way around. We don’t have the capability to create products on Lumaprints and have them automatically transferred to your Shopify store. The integration syncs products from your store to Lumaprints, not the reverse.

  • What’s the difference between a saved product and a mapped product?
    – A saved product is manually created during the ordering process, while a mapped product is synced from your integrated store. Integration, whether from Etsy, Shopify, or ShipStation, pulls your products for mapping ahead of time. Saved products are created when you order them, offering flexibility in product customization.

  • How should I prepare my image files for printing, especially TIFF files?
    – You can use TIFF files as long as you export them correctly. To avoid quality loss, export your files as JPEG or PNG with excellent or great quality settings. Check the exported image’s quality by zooming in to ensure it matches the original TIFF file’s quality.
  • What are the popular sizes for 1.5-inch depth Stretched Canvas?
    – The popular canvas sizes largely depend on your artistic preferences and your customer’s needs. However, commonly ordered sizes include 18×24, 24×36, 30×40, and even 40×60. We recommend offering a range of small, medium, and large sizes to cater to different preferences.

  • How should I determine shipping costs when they fluctuate?
    – Shipping costs can fluctuate, especially online. We recommend using our shipping calculator, accessible after logging in. Input the commonly used ZIP code 10001 to get an average shipping cost across the United States. You may need to periodically check and adjust your shipping charges to account for fluctuations.

  • When can I cancel an order, and will I get a refund?
    – Orders can be canceled as long as they haven’t been printed yet. If you cancel an order, you’ll receive a full refund.

  • Where is the pickup area at your california location?
    – To pick up orders at our California location, go to 955 East Ball Road. Head to the side of the building, where you’ll find a garage opening. Ring the bell to notify our team, and they’ll assist you with your pickup.

  • Can I place an order for production in Kentucky, and can I pick it up there?
    – Yes, you can have your order produced in Kentucky. Specify this in the special instructions when placing your order. If you want to pick up your order in Kentucky, make sure to mention this as well, so our team can confirm and have it ready at that location.

  • Do you have a comprehensive shipping cost table for different sizes and products?
    – We recommend using our shipping calculator for accurate shipping cost estimates based on specific products and sizes.

  • Will my order history be available on the new website if I create an account there?
    – Your order history remains on our old, or “legacy,” website. You can access your legacy account on the legacy website to view past orders.

  • Why is “pick up from store” the only option for some products?
    – Certain oversized items may not be suitable for shipping due to their size and weight. In such cases, “Pick Up from Store” is the preferred option. For oversized items, we can also arrange freight shipments upon request.

  • What file formats are acceptable for print uploads?
    – You can upload print files in PDF, PNG, and JPEG/JPG formats.

  • Can I use your video content on YouTube? What about custom video requests?
    – Yes, you can use our video content on YouTube. We also offer custom video content upon request. Contact us through our contact page for specific video requests, such as canvas printing or stretching processes. These resources serve as valuable tools for your store and aid in providing clarity to your customers.

  • Should I opt for manual or automatic processing with Lumaprints?
    – Manual processing is recommended for new store owners to understand product and shipping dynamics. Manual processing suits lower order volumes, allowing you to learn and adapt to the e-commerce environment. Consider manual processing for custom prints, saving costs on platforms requiring integration fees like ShipStation. Automatic processing is ideal for seasoned store owners handling higher order volumes and multiple product variations.

  • What are the most popular canvas print sizes?
    – We recommend focusing on common ratios (1:1, 3:2, 4:3) for square, rectangular, and panoramic canvas prints. Highlight sizes like 12×12, 20×20, 30×30 for paper prints, catering to the preferences of homeowners and retail standards.

  • What is the cut-off day for Christmas orders?
    – December 14th is the last day for regular production.
    – December 15th with next day production.
    – December 17th with same-day production (order before 9 am).
    – Consider the high order volume during the holidays and order well in advance to ensure timely delivery.

  • Do you sell small sample packs, and do you have suggested shipping rates?
    – Yes, we provide small paper samples for texture evaluation. Contact our Customer Service team for assistance.
    – Use the shipping calculator on our website to determine accurate shipping rates. Consider variations for rural and urban destinations.

  • Which papers do you suggest for digital art?
    – For illustrative and defined line art, consider archival mat, semi-glossy, and hot press.
    – For painterly styles with notable brushstrokes, archival mat, hot press, and cold press work well.
    – Watercolor or softer illustrations benefit from archival, hot press, and cold press papers.

  • Do you offer discounts for artists ordering samples with their own art?
    – Yes, we encourage artists to order samples with their art. Contact us for personalized sample orders.

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