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In today’s Partner Spotlight, we talked with Lindy Gaskill about her artistic process and influences. Lindy, an acrylic painter and creator of vibrant, whimsical art, resides in the Pacific Northwest and draws inspiration from the region’s lush landscapes. With a passion for infusing her creations with vivid hues, her work reflects her energy and joy. Her art marries the beauty of nature with expressive artistry, offering a feast of color for the eyes and soul. By incorporating shades like sunshine yellow, sky blue, and Mediterranean green – symbols of happiness, creativity, and peace – Lindy enriches both living spaces and emotions through her artistry. To ensure the highest quality prints for her customers, Lindy has partnered with Lumaprints as her trusted print provider.

  1. What media do you use for your art style? Is there a specific reason why you chose this media? 

I love using acrylics as my medium of choice because I like the look of layered patinas and vivid color. I can create that look using acrylics. Acrylic paint dries fast so layering is really easy. Sometimes I take a painting and run it under water and scrub some of the paint off to reveal the under layers. This creates an aged look that I like.

  1. Can you describe your art and your art style? 

All my colorful art is made with the intention of spreading happiness and positive energy! So whimsical and colorful is my art style. The imagery I use is often fun and playful. My paintings have ravens and hummingbirds, animals, bicycles, colorful trees, flowers and in recent years, people.

  1. Who or what drives you to create your art and share them to the world? 

I have been making things since I was very young. When I was a child, I would make something, like a drawing, or glue styrofoam to make a castle or some creative project and then present it with a “see what I made” show and tell. Growing up in our family, art was talked about, art galleries were visited, and lots of art was on the walls. My parents, being very creative themselves, enjoyed art so much! Making art, showing art and buying art was encouraged and celebrated. I still feel this drive to create and share it today.

  1. Can you share a favorite quote or saying that you live by?  

“People do.” I like this saying because when you do something out of the ordinary, you can say “People do.”

  1. Can you discuss a specific piece of art that you are particularly proud of and why?

One of my favorite pieces was from when I lived in Bend, Oregon. It was a fun painting of a whimsical winter scene I did when The Deschutes Brewery, asked me to be their 2007 Jubelale artist. It was an honor to have my art featured on their festive winter beer called Jubelale. Each year Deschutes Brewery showcases a new piece of art crafted by a regional artist. It meant that my art would not only go on their beer label but other items as well. It was a super fun event at the brewery! In 2022, they opened up the application process to all U.S. artists 21 and older, so go check it out on their website.

  1. Can you walk us through your creative process from start to finish?

I developed my technique when I lived in New York City in the late 90’s. Creating layers is important to my process. I first cover heavy watercolor paper or a wood panel with a few coats of white gesso and then I start layering paint and making marks. Half way through the painting, the imagery comes in and I use the black line to outline forms. I like to use a special print technique of scratching into paint on waxed paper and pressing it onto the painting to create texture. I also use string dipped in paint to create squiggly lines for interest. Since I love the spiral symbol, in the background I create spirals with the string and cover up marks with washes. I make some images look like they are glowing with energy as I believe we are all connected by our energy. Sometimes I put the painting under running water to get to the under layers or I sand it with sandpaper. And most important for me is to have fun with the process!

  1. How do you handle creative blocks or challenges in your work?

I usually take a break and go outside to be in nature. Or I make sketches in my sketch book and that can inspire me to get back to painting. I have been painting long enough now to know that taking a break from painting can be a good thing and help me come back to it with fresh eyes.

  1. What is your advice to aspiring artists?

Keep on painting and develop a style that is all your own! Also learn the business and marketing side of selling art (if that is what you want to do) which I think is not emphasized enough in art school.

  1. Your Etsy store, “Artwork by Lindy” is a top shop for gifts, how do you handle customer inquiries and concerns, and what steps do you take to ensure customer satisfaction?

Lumaprints does such a beautiful job of printing my art! Customer satisfaction is of top importance so I get back to an inquiry as soon as possible. I also offer a refund policy on most of what I sell in my Etsy Shop but it is very rare to have that happen as my customers have been thrilled with my prints which I offer on fine art paper or canvas.

  1. What is your pricing strategy for your Etsy listings, and how do you determine the appropriate prices?

I take into consideration the different fees that are charged by Etsy as well as the print and shipping costs and my time. I compare what others on Etsy are selling their work for so I am competitive but I also want to price my work so that if I decide to wholesale my prints, I will still make a profit.

  1. Can you share some of your most successful pieces on Etsy, and what you believe contributed to its success?

A few of my most popular pieces are the bicycle and raven prints and my whimsical trees. I think they represent a playful side of life that people are attracted to. I like to surround myself with vivid color and art that makes me feel good and remind me to enjoy life and I think these pieces do that. Another piece that is very popular is my “She Wanted the Rainbow, So She Put up with the Rain” print. This was a piece that I did for a fundraiser. I was given a quote with the stipulation you had to create a painting using the quote and create it in 2 hours or less. There is a lot of symbolism in this piece and I think women relate to it and the title. I don’t usually interpret my work for people as I like them to relate to it in their own way but I do believe the title of a piece can inspire it’s popularity.

Learn more about Lindy and her art:
Website: Art By Lindy
Facebook: artbylindy
Instagram: @artbylindy
Etsy: Artwork By Lindy
If you would like a free colorful tree print (just pay a small shipping fee) plus some other freebies, go to

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