We’re excited to share two announcements today – significantly lower Canvas Pricing and introducing our new 1.25” Enterprise Canvas!


  1. Lower Pro Canvas Prices

    We’ve increased our production volumes these past few years and are now able to leverage our increased scale and efficiencies to bring you significantly lower Pro Canvas Prices.  Some sample pricing in table below:

    Click here to see the rest of our lower pricing across other canvas sizes.

  2. Introducing 1.25” Enterprise Canvas

    The canvas is made of an archival grade 100% polyester canvas, matched with genuine Epson Inks for prints that last over 100 years.  The enterprise grade canvas helps you offer maximum value to your clients, balanced at great price points.  The lower prices are effective immediately and you will automatically get them once you are logged in to your Pro account. As always, we appreciate your business and partnership! 

    ps – please tell your friends in the industry about these updates if you think it would be helpful for them!



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