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Getting Customers to Your Etsy Shop     
Starting up a shop or store on Etsy is so easy. Getting customers to your shop to buy what you are selling, however, is a different story. So now that you have your shop set up, read on to find out some great ways to get customers to your shop.
1.          Get Familiar with your target market. It’s quite the task to sell anything when you don’t know who your target customer is. Understanding your target market, who exactly are you trying to sell to, will allow you to tailor your marketing strategies to produce optimal results.
Social media is your friend.
 Do you want an easy way to reach out to your target market? Try social media sites. In this day and age, a majority of internet users are on social media sites. This a great source of free advertising which can really help generate traffic to your shop. According to demographics from various sources, in 2016, 8 in 10 internet users were engaged in some form of social media, and with around 285 million estimated internet users in the United States alone, that’s a lot of potential customers[1]. Just be consistent in posting and interacting and your customer base will grow.
3.                    Start a blog and connect with your customers. Never underestimate the ability of a good blog to drive traffic to your store. Blogs allow you to discuss things that you are passionate about that connect to what you are selling. It allows you to interact with your target market and create trust and loyalty. By creating a following through your blog, you are creating potential customers.
4.                      Build your client base with a newsletter. Newsletters are an excellent way to target a specific market. The conversion rate, traffic that results in sales, will be higher when you target quality over quantity. A great way to build your email database is with opt-in offers that have value for your customer and entices them to share their email address. Offers such as discounts and freebies will always attract attention. Newsletter services like MailChimp make the job easier.
5.                      Work with people of similar interests. Partnering with other shop owners, bloggers or industry leaders will provide ample resource for ideas, that can help generate sales and respect for your brand. Getting sponsorship from well-known bloggers and Instagrammers, is a great way to create traffic.

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