This article is a step-by-step tutorial on how to link your online store with Lumaprints if you’re using platforms other than Shopify or Etsy. Before you begin, you will need to set up your store with your own product listing(s).

We also have a video that can help you see the process step-by-step. Feel free to pause and go at your own pace as you watch this tutorial:

1.) Be sure to connect your ecommerce shop to ShipStation first. Visit this article from ShipStation for the instructions: Connect A Store with ShipStation (*Please note that ShipStation is a third-party app and has its own pricing plan).

2.) Create and Login into your Lumaprints Pro Account*

*Note: If you have a regular account on Lumaprints, you can upgrade to a Pro User Account by going to the Pro User Program page and signing up

3.) Go to Stores menu. Under “Use ShipStation to connect to”, click Create.

Lumaprints store menu for store integration

4.) Select the ShipStation tab. Enter your API Key and API Secret by following the directions provided (either click the link or go to “Settings” > “API Settings” in ShipStation)

Lumaprints ShipStation integration API settings

5.) In your ShipStation API settings, copy the API Key and API Secret under the API Keys and paste them into the Lumaprints Connection box in #4, then click Connect!

*If you have multiple stores under ShipStation, you may select as many as you want to connect, and a store will be created for each one under your Lumaprints account.

Lumaprints ShipStation integration for multiple stores

6.) Once connected, you’re ready to process orders!

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