This article is a step-by-step tutorial on how to link your Etsy account with Lumaprints. Before you begin, you will need to set up your store with your own product listing(s).

We also have a video that can help you see the process step-by-step. Feel free to pause and go at your own pace as you watch this tutorial!:

1.) Create and Login into your Lumaprints Pro Account* > Go to Stores > Scroll down and select Create under ‘Use ShipStation to connect to’ where it will present options for ShipStation, Etsy and Shopify, click on the Etsy Tab

*Note: If you already have a regular account on Lumaprints, you can upgrade to a Pro User Account by going to the Pro User Program page and signing up

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2.) In the Etsy tab and Search your Etsy store name and Connect

3.) You will be redirected to Etsy> Review Permissions > select Allow Access

4.) Once you are redirected back your Lumaprints homepage, you’re ready to process orders!

To learn how to process orders once integrated, here is a tutorial on how to begin processing orders as soon as you linked Lumaprints to your store. To make it even better, speed up order processing by enabling process automation.


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