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The 2019 holiday season is upon us, and we’re happy to share the Holiday Schedule with you. We’ve crafted this schedule to help maximize the time that you have to take orders from your customers and still make it in time for Christmas delivery.

SUMMARY: Orders submitted December 17th 10am PST will be delivered by Christmas (with no need for manual approvals)

Rush Production Costs:

We’ve kept our reduced production costs from last year, and have summarized the costs in the below table:

rush production costs

Recommended Date for Submissions:

We recommend having December 17th 9am PST as your own order submission deadline for your customers. This allows you two hours to process any last minute orders and submit them online by December 17th 11am PST and 10am for rush production.

You can still accept orders after that on a case by case basis and still have it delivered by Christmas, depending on where your customers live. If your customers are on the west coast or if you choose expedited production/shipping, the prints may still be able to make it to your customer in time.

We look forward to working together with you to make the 2019 holiday season a very successful one!

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