Brightening up any room requires a pop of color or accent pieces that tie up everything into one picture-perfect area. You can undergo a large scale project - painting the room or changing the wallpaper. Or venture into something that consumes less time and effort - canvas prints.

        Developments in the internet and printing technology have made canvas prints affordable and accessible to consumers. Wide format inkjet printers, fade-resistant inks and high quality canvas complemented by the ease of online shopping contribute to today's popularity of canvas prints. But that's not all. Below are a few more reasons why you should choose canvas prints.

canvas print of artworks hanging on walls interior photography

1. Longevity

        High quality canvas is archival grade and acid free. It retains the vibrancy of an image without the threat of fading or yellowing. It lasts for decades, up to 100 years. So yes, literally something that lasts a lifetime. Who wouldn't what that especially for photographs that capture endearing memories?

2. Great for wall space

        Canvas prints are a versatile choice for wall decor. You can group them like puzzle pieces that form a whole image. You can go big and let one print hang magnificently in its own wall space. A lot can be done with the variety of sizes and framing options available. The visual impact canvas prints leave in any room is definitely a sight you can't get anywhere else. Plus, they weigh less than other framed photos so you can move them around and explore various layouts.

3. Cost effective

        Compared to paper prints with framing, canvas prints are more cost effective especially for larger sizes. In addition to printing costs, framing can be quite expensive. On the other hand, canvas prints are wonderful as is with provisions for framing. They have a modern professional look that stands out and makes your images look like art. Let's not forget the great value for money because of their quality and durability.

4. No glare or reflection

        Because of their material and texture, expect no glare or reflection. You can have the freedom to hang them anywhere without worrying about the light source. Focus more on the image and the memories, and less on distractions that take away from the moment.

        What are you waiting for? Add color and life to your home with canvas prints.

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