Metal prints are quickly becoming a buzz in the printing industry, and a favorite among photographers, artists, print on demand sellers, interior designers, and more. So, what is it? Metal prints are also known as aluminum prints. They're created through a process called sublimation. The image is printed onto a transfer pad and then baked into a polymer-coated sheet of aluminum. Heat transforms the ink into a gaseous state that allows it to bond with the polymer coating. The entire process makes the print scratch resistant and waterproof.

        Technicalities aside, here's more information about the medium:

1. Color vibrancy is one of the main characteristics of metal prints. Images are incredibly sharp, vivid and eye-catching unlike any other type of print. There are no limitations to the images you can use. But to maximize this medium, photos or artworks with rich saturated colors and fine details are your best bet.

2. Metal prints have a stylish modern look and feel that gives off an urban vibe. Thus, making them become popular with progressive crowds and are commonly seen in office spaces and bar and grills. They are ideal for rooms with modern, contemporary, and minimalist styles because of their sleek lines, high gloss finish and pop of color.

3. They can be quite expensive. However, their quality, durability and longevity are good tradeoffs for the price. They are also available in various sizes and mounting options.

4. Cleaning isn't an issue. Just wipe the print down with microfiber or any soft cloth. Do note that metal prints are meant to be displayed indoors as direct sunlight will cause fading over time. To keep the prints stunningly vibrant, choose a suitable place for display. Water resistance makes them a great option for bathrooms or other places where other print media are susceptible to water damage.

        Try it for yourself and experience the vibrant luminescence that metal prints offer.

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