Travel goals. It’s the trending term for all adventurers around the world. For photographers, it's about capturing adventures, translating the wonder in wandering to photos. Meet your travel photography goals with the following tips:

•   Research

        Researching isn't a spoiler. In fact, it could help you make the most out of your travels. Learn about the location, its culture, people, and delicacies. What are the local attractions? Will there be any major festivities when you arrive? Are there any do's and don'ts? Don't forget about transportation, traffic, and the weather. Scour the web, talk to friends, and read travel guides. Information is everywhere. It's up to you to find it.

make time for photography in your schedule

•   Timing

        Make time for photography. Integrate it into your schedule. The first shot isn't always going to be perfect. Be patient and give yourself enough time to capture amazing images. Get up early. Stay out late. Subjects and locations look different during different times in correlation with lighting. What is the best lighting/time for this scene? The golden hour? Blue hour? Night time? What story do you want to share? Stories always begin with “once upon a time” after all.

immerse yourself in your travel adventures

•   Immerse Yourself

        Don't just stand by and be a spectator. Join in and immerse yourself in the experience. Taste the food. Listen to the music. Take in all the sights, sounds, and scents to stimulate your creativity. Part of telling the story is having a proper understanding of the plot. Travel photography educates aside from inspire. Learn the basic dialect to strike a conversation with the locals. You don't have to fluent of course. Just the basics will do - "Good morning/afternoon/evening", "How are you", "Thank you", "How much", throw in "Can I take your photo" as well. Know when to take a picture and when to enjoy yourself.

•   Travel light

        Carrying a ton of stuff may slow you down. Be sure to pack only the essentials. You'll have less baggage to worry about and more time to explore.

use a tripod for greater control in travel photos

•   Use Tripods

        Tripods give you greater creative control for shots that need it, especially for landscapes. You can take your time experimenting with settings and compositions. Be able to pay attention to the details and make necessary adjustments. Plus you'll have access to a range of techniques such as HDR, long exposure, and panorama.

•   Shoot in Manual Mode

        There's no stopping you from using other camera modes available. But Manual Mode will have to be the most flexible. You can produce various effects and learn in the process.

        Go have an adventure. Fulfill your travel goals and collect stories, memories, and amazing images.

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