You've managed to capture works of art and precious moments in your canvas prints. Aside the stunning visual appeal, you chose canvas prints because they endure the test of time. Indeed they do. But not on their own. Don't let dirt and dust cloud their purpose. Clean them as needed. It's easier than you think.


        Dust your canvas print with a soft cloth or feather duster. You can even use a soft bristle brush. Alternatively, use a soft damp cloth to run over your canvas print. If you feel that it needs a deeper clean, add a small amount of soap. Run over the canvas again and gently rub stubborn areas. Avoid using harsh chemicals and household cleaners as they may damage your print. In the instance that you're still not satisfied with the clean, take the print to a professional art cleaner.


        Humidity and direct sunlight can have adverse effects on your canvas print. Be sure to display your print under soft light and away from humid places like small bathrooms. Doing this will prevent the print from fading over time and accumulating molds.


        Since canvas prints are cost-effective and lightweight, you can switch them out and rearrange them as you please. If you need to store your prints, wrap them in acid-free craft paper or bubble wrap. Wrapping them helps prevent exposure and dust accumulation. Always remember to use acid-free materials to keep prints safe from yellowing.

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