Polo Shirt Dos and Don’ts

•   Don’t...

        ...wear an undershirt. Polo shirts should be worn as the base layer to create a relaxed, airy look. Adding a layer underneath adds unnecessary bulkiness. If you look like you just came back from a summer boating event then you know you are doing your polo justice.

        ...choose a polo with a pocket. Polo shirts are often made with soft, breathable materials making pockets prone to sagging and becoming misshapen with use. Instead of a pocket, sport an interesting logo or design.

        ...undo all the buttons. Wearing all the buttons undone can look sloppy. One button usually is best for a casual, effortless look. All buttoned-up can give off an uptight vibe, so be sure to pair this style with casual or edgier pieces.

•   Do...

        ...find a well-fitted polo. The shirt should gently hug your body, not constrict or drape loosely. When you’re at the department store trying on a polo, stick two fingers into your sleeve. There should be a comfortable amount of room between your fingers and bicep. If it’s too tight size up and if there’s too much slack try sizing down.

        ...try on colors and patterns. There is a wide variety of polos with different patterns and shades of color. Have some freedom with your polo and rock a different color. Pinks, yellows, and purples are less common color choices, so try something new and make a statement!

        ...be creative Anyone can throw on a polo and look good, but even your favorite shirt can get monotonous. Think of what a polo is usually associated with: preppy and sporty. How can you add pieces that will challenge the polo norm?

How to Wear a Polo Shirt for Any Occasion

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•   Hanging out with friends

        For those daytime activities with the crew, try pairing a polo with a bomber jacket and fresh sneakers to urbanize a preppy look. Not to mention, polos are usually made with a breathable material to keep you cool and relaxed while you’re out and about.

•   Work

        Wear a polo at work for an effortless, comfortable, but put-together outfit. (Your boss won’t be able to tell you rolled out of bed and got to work in less than 20 minutes) To add a bit more professionalism, you can dress up the look by throwing on a blazer, slacks, and oxfords.

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•   Date

        Polos can help to create the ultimate date outfit. You look entirely put-together, comfortable, and not to mention a well-fitting polo can flatter your body and give you a confidence boost. Your favorite pair of denim, sunnies, and sneakers will help make your outfit casual, playful, and fashionable.