As easy as it may seem to post pictures of your products on your Etsy shop and expect sales to come rolling in, there are a few things that will ultimately hurt your sales.

·       Product photos that are less than adequate, is a very common mistake made by shop owners that are just starting out. You get your shop opened and you just want to put up pictures of products for customers to see, regardless of quality. Low-quality pictures, that are too dark or too plain, or just visually boring can turn away potential customers. Invest some time and effort in taking quality photos that are bright and visually captivating. If you don’t have the skills or equipment to do so, then incorporate the assistance of someone that does.


·       Bland product descriptions. Yes bland, boring, lifeless descriptions can turn away a customer just as easy as a bad photograph. If you have a top-quality product photo, then you need a top-quality description to go with it. Create a detailed description that will allow customers to connect to you as an artist, make it personal and give it passion.

·         Not doing the research before starting out. How do you expect customers to buy your products if they can’t find your store? Not knowing how the internet and search engines work can really slow down sales for you. You could have the best products and the best photos and the most beautiful descriptions, but if nobody sees it, then it’s all for nothing. Learning about and understanding SEO or search engine optimization is a task that will be well worth your time and will reward you with growing sales.

·         Trying to sell products that everyone else is already selling. Create products that are unique or are not common on Etsy. In a marketplace where just about everything imaginable is already being sold, generic products in a saturated market will result in mediocre sales. Find a niche that fits your talents and stands out from the crowd to get noticed.

Do the research first, find a profitable market, and learn about optimizing your shop before jumping in with both feet. Like any other business, you need a plan, and you need to invest time and effort.