Back then, the most common medium for printing photos was paper. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, there's more than one medium for photo printing available. In fact, the same could be applied for digital artworks. With a variety of options - canvas, acrylic, paper, metal - it's only natural to weigh the factors and find out the best choice to what you're looking for. Let's get started with canvas and acrylic prints.

acrylic print of boat on beach shore during sunset

•   Acrylic

        There are two types of acrylic printing: 1) direct printing onto the acrylic, and 2) printing onto paper then face mounting to acrylic. Out of the two, the face mounting method is more preferred, but it's also more costly. However, rest assured that it's money well-spent because it provides better color and effectively utilizes the reflective qualities of acrylic.

        It's UV protected. The extent of which depends on the type of acrylic used. Some acrylic prints are even scratch-resistant. Even so, it should still be handled with care since it can chip in the corners or edge if dropped. Overall, you get this sleek, contemporary look coupled with a sharp and vibrant image. It goes tastefully with commercial spaces. Though keep in mind that acrylic print is on the expensive side. If you're truly after a unique display that brings the wow factor, be prepared to spend.

canvas print of cliff overlooking blue ocean

•  Canvas

        Canvas printing has improved over the years using dye sublimation and specialized inkjet printers. Canvas print is well-known for the textured, old-fashioned appeal that makes it a favorite for interior design and home decor. Canvas print provides a frameless look that suits any room and any budget. It's much cheaper than acrylic as well as traditional framing and modern photo mounting.

        This light-weight classic has no problems in the area of longevity. It's sure to last for several years especially with proper care and placement.

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