Photo and art prints have increased in popularity in recent years. Admittedly, there's just no substitute to the visual and creative impact of tangible masterpieces. Numerous options are increasingly available today - from printing companies down to materials. Printing has become an extension of the creative process. As such, the right choices have to be made. One of which is choosing between canvas and paper prints. Let's explore.

pink-haired woman canvas print hanging on white wall

Canvas Prints


  • Give a classic art gallery feel that gives photos and artworks the painted effect
  • Stand out in a way that doesn't compete with a room; rather, enhances it
  • Provide a frameless presentation (stretched canvas), but also flexible enough for framing (rolled canvas)
  • Very stylish at low cost especially for large sizes
  • Have large image size for a given wall space without the need for borders and mats
  • Can be split into multiple panels for added visual effect
  • Weigh less than framed paper prints
  • No glare or reflections


  • Photograph or art cannot be changed
  • Texture can be distracting at times so choose your image wisely. The weave of the canvas is more evident in smaller prints and may interfere with the image. 

green grass sunset framed photo paper print fine art paper print on desk top leaning

Paper Prints


  • Traditional medium that is well understood and appreciated by many
  • There's a variety of frames to choose from that can change the mood of the artwork or photo, and can be an added decorative accent
  • Achieve more details because of the smooth surface


  • There might be a need for mat board (keeps glass or clear acrylic from being directly in contact with the print) and backing (prevents print from slacking and warping)
  • Glass from framing reflects sunlight and causes glare
  • Frames can more costly as size increases

        The bottom-line is that choosing a medium boils down to deciding factors such as taste, preference, aesthetic needs, and budget. Rest assured that we provide the best, whether its canvas or paper prints. Because that's what you deserve.

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